Personal File and Web Space

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Cost:  No charge.

 See Getting Started below.

Personal file and web space is provided for all faculty, staff and students with a Clemson User ID. The initial allocation for all users 10GB. Additional space is available upon request by completing the on-line form at

CCIT upgraded the personal web space in February 2016. To see improvements and differences, click here.

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Personal File Space

Service details and instructions on accessing your personal file storage can be found here:

Personal web space


All faculty, staff, and students, and organization userids can have web space created for them. Your home page should be named index.htm or index.html for it to appear under the web address You may use long file names, but there must not be any spaces in the name.

Service details and instructions for requesting space as well as accessing your site can be found here:

Getting Started

As a new faculty, staff, or student you receive and Clemson User ID which automatically provisions your access to personal file space, as well as other services at Clemson University.

Personal file and web space is backed up regularly. File restores can be requested by submitting a “File Restore Request” at

 Quick Start

Available To: 

Cost:  No charge.

 See Getting Started.