Qualtrics Terms of Use

To use Qualtrics, Clemson users are asked to abide by the following Terms of Service.

  1. Qualtrics account holders and users must read and abide by Qualtrics’s Terms of Service.
  2. Clemson University provides access to Qualtrics; however, responsibility for how individuals use the service resides solely with the individual.
  3. Use of Qualtrics is governed by university policies and federal laws related to the use of human participants. Researchers must secure Clemson Institutional Review Board approval prior to administering a survey considered human subjects research.
  4. Users must abide by university policies and codes of conduct, state privacy laws and regulations, and federal copyright and privacy laws including but not limited to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and other applicable laws and regulations. Additionally, student users must abide by all policies and codes of conduct as stated in the Clemson University Student Handbook.
  5. Users should not use Qualtrics to collect the following information:
    1. Protected health information (PHI) as defined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)
    2. Export-controlled data governed by ITAR or EAR
    3. Social security numbers
    4. Debit or credit card numbers
    5. Bank accounts or information with personal identification numbers (PINS)
    6. Passport or Visa numbers
    7. Federal tax information received or derived from the IRS (Publication 1075)
  6. Use of Qualtrics for non-university related activities is prohibited. Qualtrics may not be used for personal or commercial gain.
  7. When sending surveys, Qualtrics users shall ensure that affiliation is stated accurately. Individuals or groups shall not claim to officially represent the University itself in an official capacity.
  8. Account holders may not share their log-in and password with others.
  9. Account holders and users shall not use forms of unsolicited mass communication (including SPAM) in conjunction with the survey service/tool.
  10. Accounts associated with Qualtrics will be closed when the user leaves Clemson. Users are responsible for downloading and securing their data associated with Qualtrics.
  11. Student violations of this Terms of Use or Qualtrics’s Terms of Service will be handled in accordance with the Computer Acceptance Use Policy. Employee violations will be handled in accordance with the Acceptable Use of IT Resources Policy.

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