Mobile at Clemson includes development and support of our my.Clemson app, app publishing, and even support in app development.  Please visit the attached pages to learn more.



my.Clemson makes connecting with Clemson a cinch. From a smart phone, tablet, or computer, it's easy to get information and get things done. Access information regarding academics, athletics, the student & faculty directory, Clemson news & events, transit, and campus life. Use the built in Map feature to track bus locations and find a bus stop or display directions to locations of all kinds including Academic Buildings, Dining Locations, Vending Machines, Housing and more! Visit or download the app at the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Mobile App Publishing

After you develop an application, CCIT's mobile team is here to support you in taking it public. With app publishing, we step you through the necessary requirements and processes to put an application on the iTunes and Google Play stores for public download.

Mobile App Development

This is a "for hire" service offered as time and priorities allow. This service includes support in building new apps as well as help working through problems in apps that are currently in development. This service may also be used for assistance in non-programming software (i.e. Guidebook, Splash pages, social media setup, etc).

Guidebook (Clemson University Events) app

Clemson University purchased the Branded version of Guidebook for use at Clemson University for special events. Departments and colleges may purchase and create Guides for their events and be automatically included in the iOS and Android versions of the Clemson University Events (Guidebook) app. 

Support: (888) 733-3942 or

Mobile Development Videos

The Mobile Team is now on Youtube! Our channel will be used for promotional videos for Mobile Development projects as well as how-to videos demonstrating lesser known features of the my.Clemson app. Tutorials available on our channel now are:

New videos will be published periodically so be sure to subscribe to our channel to stay informed about new app features and more!

Using your Device at Clemson

Your smart phone and tablet are capable of getting a lot of things done at Clemson. However, you'll need to get these services properly setup. To connect to the wireless network (Eduroam), set up Exchange (Email, Calendar, Contacts), connect to VPN, and more, visit

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