Email and Messaging

CCIT email and messaging services cover large-scale group communications, but also individual email account settings.

Google Workspace

Emergency Text Messaging

Rave Wireless is Clemson University's official information delivery and alerts service. Users decide the types of information they want to receive, and how they want to receive it. Campus emergency alerts and news can be delivered to mobile phones (via text message or SMS), email, and the CU Safety web site at

Email Applications

Clemson offers users the choice of Google Apps for Education or Office 365 as an email client for their account. Current faculty and staff are encouraged to use Microsoft Outlook in the Office 365 suite, however, newly enrolled students in Spring 2024-beyond will no longer be able to access Gmail accounts.

Spam Filtering

Proofpoint is used to filter spam and other junk mail messages. Proofpoint filters out 99% of the junk mail received by Clemson. Students and employees will receive daily and weekly email digests of any questionable email put into quarantine. They can release the messages or mark the sender as safe or not. If not released within 14 days, the quarantined messages will be deleted.

ListServ Group Communication

Listserv is a customized electronic mail list that can be used to distribute e-mail to a group of people. Lists can be created and used to reach a class section, all faculty members in a department or groups with other selected criteria. E-mail distribution lists will be created for official University use only.

Mail forwarding

E-mail forwarding is an email service in which your email is automatically sent (forwarded) from one or more email address, to another specified email address.

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