Clemson University is a partner in the Cadence Design Systems University Software program. Thanks to this generous gift, faculty, staff, researchers and students can access Cadence’s broad portfolio of educational resources, training and certification courses, and more than 160 teaching and research software programs.

Cadence Design Systems

Cadence Design Systems has more than 30 years of leadership in electronic systems design, enabling customers to develop chips, boards and complete systems for the most innovative products in the hyperscale computing, 5G communications, automotive, mobile and aerospace industries. A large multi-million-dollar EDA investment by an innovative partner like Cadence, which is the only EDA company accredited by the DoD as a Trusted Supplier, is revolutionary for higher education, and the availability of such advanced software products enhances the way education is delivered to students and further elevates Clemson’s research capabilities as an R-1 institution. Access to these widely adopted, real-world systems creates opportunities for students to get hands-on experience that will help them make a seamless transition into the industry.

Cadence Academic Network

Example of Cadence digital badgeThe educational resources in the Cadence Academic Network make additional training widely available to students. Cadence offers a robust online learning platform that allows students to take software courses at their own pace and independently earn as many certifications as interest them. Digital badges, which can be used on résumés, email signatures and social media, can be earned to make sure students’ skills get noticed. Students’ ability to self-certify strengthens their abilities in the classroom and in research while making them much more competitive in the job market. Students can set themselves up for success by accessing Cadence’s leading-edge technology and industry-grade online training courses. Request a license below to gain access to the Cadence Academic Network.

Request a Cadence license

To access the software library and Cadence Academic Network, complete the online form to request a Cadence license. Once you are granted access, Cadence software runs in the cloud, which keeps you from having to install Cadence products on individual devices. The processing capability, memory and bandwidth available offer many advantages when compared to installing software on individual user devices. You must be on Clemson’s campus network to access Cadence software; if you aren’t on campus, you can access the network via VPN.

Cadence in the News

In May 2022, Cadence Design Systems, Inc. announced that it has become an Official Technology Partner of the McLaren Formula 1 Team. Through the multi-year partnership, McLaren has access to Cadence® Fidelity™ CFD Software, which provides innovative aerodynamic prediction tools that can help accelerate the team’s path toward victory.

In racing, shaving off a fraction of a second per lap can make all the difference when it comes to a podium finish. McLaren will use the Cadence Fidelity CFD Software, a comprehensive suite of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solutions, to investigate airflow. The team will also leverage Cadence’s computational software expertise to tackle design projects that require advanced compute power and precision. Learn more about this fast-paced partnership.

Diversity in Technology Scholarship program

Cadence offers scholarships to underrepresented students to support them in their pursuit of careers in STEM fields. In 2021, Cadence awarded 38 scholarships to Black, Latinx and women students based on academic achievements, leadership and drive to shape the world of technology.

Photo of Ryan Canales

Ryan Canales, 2021 recipient of a Latinx Students in Technology Scholarship

Ryan Canales, a Ph.D. student in Computer Science, is the recipient of a 2021 Latinx Students in Technology Scholarship. Ryan is the first student at Clemson to receive a Diversity in Technology Scholarship from Cadence.

When asked to share some words of wisdom for other underrepresented students in technology, Ryan said, “Having a genuine interest in the technical field you wish to pursue is extremely important for maintaining motivation to finish the degree because it will be difficult at times. With that said, don’t be discouraged if your grades or performance are not the best. As long as you are learning the topics and succeeding in your courses, you will improve either later in the degree or after graduating. Also, I would encourage finding a community or group of friends that are supportive. Finally, be confident in your abilities when applying for jobs or for graduate school.”

If you would like to learn more or apply for a Diversity in Technology Scholarship, click on the appropriate scholarship below.