Incoming Students

When becoming a full-time student at Clemson University you will probably encounter some new technical terms and procedures. To help you with this process, the CCIT Customer Support Center has compiled this summary of some of the things you’ll need to know.

  • Username, Password, and CUID number
    Every Clemson student has a username, password and CUID number, how do you find yours?
  • Email
    Every Clemson student has a Clemson email account, what’s yours?
  • Two Factor Authentication
    Protect your Clemson account and personal information with two-factor authentication.
  • Your Laptop
    How do you set up your laptop for the Clemson environment?
    How do you purchase a laptop if you don’t have one?
    What laptops are recommended for use at Clemson?
    How do you get help for your laptop’s hardware and software?
  • More Info and Contacts
    What other information would be good to know? How can I contact people with whom I need to talk?
  • Parents’ Information
    What information do parents of incoming Clemson students need?

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