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Vendor Third Wave Systems

AdvantEdge is a validated CAE software solution for the optimization of metal cutting, enabling users to analyze machining processes in 2D and 3D environments. The modeling software is used by those looking to improve part quality, increase material removal rates, extend tool life, and much more. Manufacturers across the globe find AdvantEdge to be a valuable resource in the design of milling, grooving, boring, sawing, broaching, drilling, and turning processes. Use AdvantEdge to decrease your need for trial and error testing — ultimately getting to market faster.

License Information

This product is generally distributed as a floating network license. This means there may be a limited number of seats of this software available and that users must connect to an on-campus license server to use the software.

Other Restrictions

This software may only be installed/used by students and faculty in Automotive Engineering.

License server:   Port: 27008

If you cannot enter license server name and port separately in the application, you may need to enter them in the format: port@server.

Purchasing AdvantEdge

You can obtain a license for this software directly from the vendor.

Install Media - How to Access AdvantEdge

Install media for this title should be obtained from the vendor's website.

Getting Help

If you have any additional questions about the availability, cost, or install procedures for this software, you can either visit the CCIT Support Center on the 2nd floor of Cooper Library or send an email to

Faculty and staff can also contact their local IT support for help.

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